allureviola (allureviola) wrote,

WTB: Angelic Pretty Sugary Carnival (op or jsk only, excl black), AP Honeycake Waffle Mix bag ; DS/W

Hello ^.^ I am selling some items to raise some funds for a dream dress. Hope something might catch your eye! Also, I am looking for the Angelic Pretty Sugary Carnival (Sax, pink or lilac op or jsk) and the AP Honeycake bag so let me know if you have one to sell!!

I have tried my best to describe the items best I can, but please let me know if you have any queries too! I ship by tracked airmail only as tracked surface takes far too long (months as opposed to 2 wks), but let me know if you prefer that option for a slightly cheaper price. All the prices here include shipping and paypal fees, and if you live in Singapore please let me know and I will reduce the price for you accordingly, and I also offer a meetup option if you are in Singapore. I am asking for SGD as I am not expecting to make any overseas payments for the moment.

I can also reduce the price if you can pay by personal payments, so let me know if you would like that option. Cash is often my first priority unless you have a dream dress or item that I really like ^.^, and I might pass over a trade offer for cash even if it comes first in priority. Hope its okay, thanks!! If you are interested in the item, feel free to also indicate your interest even if there is a first buyer as I can let you know if the first buyer backs out (it has happened to me before for layovers especially). I accept split payments, but immediate payments get first priority unless your period is short (eg. 2 wks).

I will accept offers only if there are no takers for the dress/item after some time, if you make an offer do be prepared that I might accept a higher offer that comes after you or if someone offers my asking price.

I have perfect feedback (+51) on Egl Comm database (, and on Ebay and Etsy.

As mentioned, I am looking for the Angelic Pretty Sugary Carnival (Sax, pink or lilac op or jsk) and the AP Honeycake bag so you can let me know your offers here or by PM.

SALES (I can accept trades for all items except the first item of the floral bouquet dress :)

1. Cream offbrand floral bouquet dress US$130 (inclusive of shipping and fees)

Would fit a S-M as the back can tied tighter or looser :) I am personally a 27 inch waist and am 163cm tall to show height of dress.


2. McClintock Vintage Classic floral dress sized S-M (Waist up to 70-72cm, generally I would put it at US4-6 or a S-M) [SGD$55 or US$45 shipped]


3. Hime white heart heels sz 6 or 38 [SGD$60 or US$50 shipped]


4. White blouse sz S-M (sgd$30 or US$24 shipped)


5. White blouse 2 sz S-M (sgd$30 or US$24 shipped)


6. White lace blouse 2 sz S-M (sgd$30 or US$24 shipped)


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