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Sales!~ Updated with new items!!~~


Please refer to my sales feedback at . I ship from Singapore, registered options available, please ask. The prices for shipping quoted are for local shipping, please enquire for overseas shipping prices which I will endeavour to ship cheaply by : ) Prices quoted are in SGD, please convert to your relevant currency if necc. The items are much more affordable when converted to USD or GBP. Items will be removed as they are sold ^-^ 

(value will be higher for trades, tks ^-^)

Agneselle Geraldine dress, $14 shipped

Black tiered party dress Size S, but stretchable $10 shipped

Cream silk bow top $9 shipped

Blue denim jacket $10 mailed; floral bib dress $9 mailed

Mango top (XS -mango larger cutting,more a S) $6 shipped

White tulle skirt size S-M $10 shipped

Yellow bow silk tube top $7 shipped

White cheerleader skirt $6 shipped

Blue bow top S-M $9 mailed 

Yellow sundress S-M $9 mailed

Floral denim dress S-M $9 mailed 

Black 'Dancing Times' flutter winged top $8 shipped

Casual lace mini dress (white and light coffee) $5 shipped

Baby blue cinderella top $6 mailed

Pink rose top $3 mailed

Cream silk flower scarf $10 shipped

Hot pink scarf $7 shipped

Black flower scarf $3 mailed

Champagne closet black bow puff sleeves top $4 mailed

Blue casual flower top, $2 shipped

Pink polka dot top $7 shipped

Yellow Spaggethi top $2 shipped

Rainbow tulle skirt $7 shipped

Zara denim skirt size S $7 shipped

Vintage circle above knee skirt $10 shipped


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