allureviola (allureviola) wrote,

Miu Miu Inspired Dress in White!~

Hello!~~~ I am hoping to sell my white Miu Miu inspired dress (no longer selling anywhere in Singapore, the cutest mini skirt ever and comes with tiny white bow tie~ I bought two, both the navy and the white recently, and would like to sell the white :) (it is the exact version that the girl in navy is wearing, except in white, i bought it from her shop)

I am looking for $40 shipped...I bought it for about $85 :) It has not been worn because the white is sooo precious!~~ Size is SMALL - about 27 inch waist, 86 bust, about S-M sizing 4-6 US size. I wear a Bonitochico size Small for dresses normally, but size M for her togas.

Photographs as below :) My feedback can be found at

I love the Miu Miu season dress which really reminds me of a cute little tennis dress!!

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