Little kitty glasses - pink and blue

My friend and i bought a batch of little kitty glasses and we had some extras from the batch! They are in pink and blue and have a bow and whiskers each :) they are adorable!! I will ship them anywhere internationally. They will be 20usd shipped per pair ( which includes all pp fees and shipping to anywhere).

Let me know if you are interested!!

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“Behind every exquisite thing that existed, there was something tragic. Worlds had to be in travail, that the meanest flower might blow…. And how charming he had been at dinner the night before, as with startled eyes and lips parted in frightened pleasure he had sat opposite to him at the club, the red candleshades staining to a richer rose the wakening wonder of his face. Talking to him was like playing upon an exquisite violin. He answered to every touch and thrill of the bow…. There was something terribly enthralling in the exercise of influence. No other activity was like it. To project one’s soul into some gracious form, and let it tarry there for a moment; to hear one’s own intellectual views echoed back to one with all the added music of passion and youth; to convey one’s temperament into another as though it were a subtle fluid or a strange perfume: there was a real joy in that–perhaps the most satisfying joy left to us in an age so limited and vulgar as our own, an age grossly carnal in its pleasures, and grossly common in its aims….” – Portrait of Dorian Gray, Oscar Wilde

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